Thought: My honest thoughts on UFC, why I don’t watch it much…

I’m not much of a UFC fan honestly. I just can’t see guys in a ring trying to kill each other for real. It’s too crazy and too intense for my tastes. It’s why I don’t watch UFC TV or the PPV’s much anymore. UFC is not wrestling. Even UFC never call it wrestling, they call ’em “fights”. One of these days in the future, a fighter in UFC is gonna get himself killed instantly in the ring. If there were to be the most dangerous sport, it would not be football or hockey, it would be UFC in my opinion.

A fighter named Joe Lauzon knocking out his opponent really quick is just proof how dangerous it really is.

Sorry, but I prefer just regular Pro Wrestling over UFC, you know pro wrestling with the likes of WWE, TNA, etc. The wrestling with the fake fighting, impressive stunts, and storylines where you can be entertained.

I don’t really find UFC entertaining.

Nothing wrong with other people enjoying guys killing each other in UFC for real but to me it’s pretty boring with all the kicking and punching which is pretty much all they do.


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  1. Not only that, but this Daner White ( the guy that runs the UFC) is a cheapskate. Sure, the handful of top guys like the “Iceman” Chuck Lidell get paid handsomely. Most of em get paid very little. They’d make more money working at Target. After all the training expenses costed them, these guys need to blow Dana for Greyhound Bus fare home. They get a couple hundred bucks and a loaf of Devon Freihofers bread.

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