Thought: About embedding a widget jukebox player into this blog…

I just read in the help section of wordpress that wordpress doesn’t allow media outside of wordpress to embedd into this blog, like other widgets elsewhere and stuff like that. So look like the media widget mp3 player is out, I can’t do it here. Now I figured out why I couldn’t do it!

Oh well, this weekend, I’ll link my soundclick page to the side of this blog at the “blogroll” section and you can hear my tunes from there. At my soundclick page, I got older songs on there from last year but I plan on using my soundclick page for my music only.

I’ve been writing songs again. Been coming up with a lot of great ideas. Can’t wait to finish ’em, record ’em and get ’em online.

Last week when I picked up “Grand Theft Auto IV” videogame, I picked up the “Guitar DVD – How to Play Acoustic Rock Guitar” instructional DVD/booklet that only costed $10.00, it’s a guitar instruction series made by Andy Aledort who is the Guitar World editor/transcriber. I looked through the booklet of the DVD pretty quickly and I pretty much already know everything in it. With myself being an acoustic guitarist. I would say I am pretty dedicated to rhythym guitar. Now my lead guitar playing could get worked on a little more but this DVD instructional set will help play lead guitar better. I want to get better at guitar solos, it’s the main reason I picked up the instrument to become a kick ass lead guitarist. I’m doing everything I can to get up there.

My blog is a good promoting tool for my gigs ’cause I know everyone in the Capital District is reading this thing. Most people who came to my shows in the past have been mostly my blog readers and it’s a great feeling. It’s not a delusion ’cause I know what I see and it’s the truth. If the entire Capital District wasn’t reading my blog, then it wouldn’t have gotten a nod in the Metroland twice in a row.

I just want nothing to do with myspace. Too many whack jobs in that site. I feel good without it. I’m still considering going to Facebook though. When I make an account there I’ll let you know.

I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto IV a lot and I’m still amazed and in awe of how realistic that game is. Ok, that’s it for now, I figure I would talk about something other than “news entertainment” topics for a change.



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