Dirty Harry 2 Disc DVD SE set…

So I got out of work a little early today and went to Saratoga to Best Buy on a hot summer day. I picked up the “Dirty Harry” 2 disc SE DVD as you see above. With all this talk of Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry in the news as of late, got me in a big Dirty Harry mood. So this caught my eye when I saw this DVD set sitting on the shelf so I picked it up and bought it.

I also picked up a few music CD’s as well. I picked up Weezer’s the “Red” album and the “Blue” album both. I used to have the “Blue” album by Weezer but lost it. I heard the “Blue” album millions of times and still love that record to death. I think Weezer is an amazing band and one of the best bands going today in the music industry. I also picked up Bo Diddley’s “Definitive Collection” greatest hits album. I’ll review the Weezer “Red” album for this blog after I listen to it a few times. I’ll also review the Dirty Harry DVD.

Hope you’re all enjoying the hot summer weather, glad it’s finally here, it’s been a long time coming. I love summer.


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