Thought: Going back to school?

I just got back home late for work, decided to work extra this weekend as a request from my boss, I gotta work most of the day tomorrow so my blog may be a little slow this weekend.

I know a long time ago, I’ve discussed in blogs that I plan to go back to school…to college I mean, to get a college degree for a better job. It might actually happen this fall when classes start back up.

I might be going to Acc College in Queensbury, N.Y. What courses will I be taking? I may be taking a few of them. I’ll be taking some type of “English/writing” class so I can learn how to write better. I want to learn to write better to work on my grammar and work on better writing skills. To work on writing so I can write better for my blogs plus to hopefully start a novel writing career. Becoming a novelist and author was my original dream before music, and I just started to take novel writing again seriously. For novel writing, I’ll probably mostly write horror and crime fiction the stuff that I mostly enjoy reading.

I also might take some type of business course where I can learn how to run and open up my own small business. I own my own small business, I can be my own boss and not worry about working crappy jobs. Opening up my own store has always been a dream of mine. I’m thinking of opening up a bookstore that sells music CD’s too.

Don’t know if the college thing will actually happen but I’m definitely looking into it. I’ll never give up the music and guitar playing, and performing live, that I’ll always do. I just do music for fun and a good hobby. I don’t think I’m ever gonna become a profesional musician nationally, so I figure why not get back into writing fiction stories soon and open up my own store.

I’ll have more on this college thing later this summer.



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