Planning trip to San Diego, California…

Yep, no kidding. I am planning a week vacation trip to San Diego, California at the end of August. It’s about time I’ve decided that I need a vacation to get away from New York for a week. I haven’t had a vacation in a long long time. My brother and his girlfriend are moving to San Diego from New Mexico this summer, so I will be visiting them.

I never visited the other side of the States before and never flew in a huge plane before.

When I’m there, I’ll probably do a lot of fun stuff with my brother and everyone else who is there. Going to the beaches, do some shopping in downtown San Diego at the shops and stuff or whatever else we can think of. I can’t wait to check out the San Diego beaches, I heard they are amazing and can’t wait to see the hot babes at the beaches wearing revealing swimsuits (I’ll try to snap a few pics of them if I see any good ones!)

I’ve been to many places around vacation but mostly around here at this side of the states, not that far across California. I’ve never been that far, it will be exciting and a new experience. I want to check out New Mexico myself but I guess my brother and his girl are moving to San Diego permamently instead. They like it there better I guess.

I’ll probably wind up bringing my video cam of course to videotape my trip for youtube. Looking forward to it!



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