Getting stoked for my San Diego vacation!

I’m getting real stoked for my San Diego vacation. Getting real excited and pumped. It’ll be my first big airplane vacation ever. So while I’m on that 13 hour flight, I’ll probably bring a book to read or play my PSP Sony handheld while I’m riding the big plane.

I’ve been doing online research in San Diego, California to see what fun things to do in that city and there are plenty to do, you’ll never be bored down in San Diego, and always be spending money down there. I’m going to be there for only one full week from Aug. 21 – 27, so I probably won’t be blogging at all during that time.

I won’t be going to the trip alone. I will be going to the trip with my mother. I could go alone if I wanted to, I actually was going to go alone but then I thought to myself, I’m afraid I won’t understand how the airport systems works, and I’m afraid I’ll get lost and stuck there or worse lose my luggage at the airport. My sister and her boyfriend were gonna go with me instead before but they couldn’t because of their work jobs here. This is why I asked my mother to go with me instead.

I’ve decided I’m not gonna bring my videocamera with me, I’m gonna leave that home, ’cause I’m worried if something might happen to it. It might get stolen or I might forget it and leave it at someplace by accident. So I’m going to bring my regular digital camera to take a bunch of pictures of the trip for my blog instead.

What will I do for fun stuff while I’m in San Diego, C.A.? Probably hang at the beaches, do some shopping at the shops in town, drink at the bars/nightclubs maybe (’cause I know my bro and his friends are gonna wanna do that anyways) or whatever else we can think of, maybe go deep sea fishing and do some whale watching too.

Anyway, it’s gonna be a blast and can’t wait. Since I’m there for a full week might as well do as much fun stuff as I can while it lasts. It’s only one quick week. I got my flight booked and confirmed for Aug. 21st. I should arrive in San Diego at 10:30 at night. It’ll be a long plane ride but it’ll be worth it. My brother’s been trying to get me out there for a long time and it’s actually happening finally.



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