Reminder: San Diego Vacation Aug. 21-27…

Yep, I’ll be heading out to San Diego, California where my brother and his girlfriend is currently living there. This San Diego vacation is pretty much my own decision to head out there because I’m bored of New York and need to get out of here for a week. Be away from the non-stop rain and thunderstorms we’ve been having here lately, and be away from my boring day job to go out and have lots of fun for myself. It’ll be all sunny and warm all the time in San Diego. During my vacation in Aug. 21-27th, I will not be posting in my blog around that time at all. My brother will probably have a computer at his house, but I need a break from the computer so I won’t be using it at all around this time.

But I will be back on the blog when I come home from vacation to tell you all about it, full report and I’ll post a bunch of pics of course.

I just learned that Balboa Park in San Diego is not far at all from the apartment where my brother is living. So all of us will be able to get to Balboa Park with no problems at all! Balboa Park in San Diego has so many musuems there.

Other than going to the San Diego Zoo and the Air & Space Musuem, I also would like to check out the “The National History Museum”, and “The Model Railroad Musuem”.

We might even be going to see the Dave Matthews Band in concert on Aug. 22nd somewhere in California ’cause my brother and his girlfriend plan on going. It’s going be a crazy vacation. Lots of things to do in San Diego, you’re never going to be bored in that city.

This is my first big trip on a plane and getting excited and stoked. I want to make it a great vacation the week that I’m there and no, I won’t spend all my extra spending money in San Diego in one place so I’ll make sure I won’t be broke when I come back home.

I won’t be going on this trip alone, it will be a family and friends thing. My father is staying home and my sister is coming to the trip a few days later.

We’re just going to visit the San Diego Zoo, see some musuems, go to the beaches, maybe go see DMB in concert, eat at some unique restaurants, do some shopping in downtown San Diego, etc. I can’t wait, this vacation is gonna be a blast and I’m predicting it will be the best vacation in my life.

I don’t think crime is that bad in San Diego so I don’t think I’ll worry about getting mugged or robbed in the streets. It all depends on where you go to in that city, you just gotta stay away from the places where the gangs hang out and never talk to a stranger.


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