Thought: What we should see in Ghostbusters 3….

-The return of Slimer

-If Sigourney Weaver returns as Dana and Rick Moranis returns as Louis, Dana’s son Oscar is a full grown young adult now. Peter Venkman spends a lot of time with an adult Oscar becomes close friends. Even if Sigourney doesn’t return, Oscar should still be in the third one. As far as Louis goes, he should be married to Janine the Ghostbusters secretary.

-The four former Ghostbusters: Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston are all retired moved on to their regular day jobs. They hear that new people want to become Ghosbusters, so the original Ghostbusters decide to help and train them once they find out that ghosts still attack the city.

-Walter Peck, a villain from the first Ghostbusters movie makes a return, decides to give the Ghostbusters team more hell.

-No Staypuff the Marshmellow Man return, he should be left out.

-No Dr. Janosz Poha return, the art gallery musuem doctor who kidnaps baby Oscar and brings to Vigo in Ghostbusters II. Dr. Janosz was an annoying character and shouldn’t be in the third one.

-Ghostbusters 3 should have a new ghost villain that is good and creative. Something different. It should be something scary and dark.

-Either Ivan Reitman or Harold Ramis should direct the next installment. Either would make me happy.

-The script for Ghostbusters 3 should be a dark story, not a happy/family one like Ghostbusters II was.

-The Ghostbusters shouldn’t be thrown in jail or in a mental hospital ’cause that’s already been done in the first two films. I don’t think we need that in the third.


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