Report: “Wall-E” named Best Picture of the Year by the Los Angeles Film Critics…

The Los Angeles Film Critics Assn. has named “Wall-E”, an animated film about a robot made by Disney/Pixar, “Best Picture of the Year”. For them, this is the first time an animated movie has been named “Best Picture”. “The Dark Knight” is the runners up.

See the rest of the winners here:

Is this a sign that “Wall-E” could get Best Picture nomination for the Oscars and it could actually win? That’s why this year’s Oscars is so unpredictable.

“Wall-E” does look amazing and I’ve been dyin’ to see it ever since it first came out in theater but I never did. I did put the “Wall-E” DVD on my Christmas wishlist so hopefully I’ll get “Wall-E” under the Christmas tree also. “Wall-E” looks like a great flick and can’t wait to see it.


0 thoughts on “Report: “Wall-E” named Best Picture of the Year by the Los Angeles Film Critics…”

  1. WALL-E is without a doubt one of the best movies of the year. Hands down it deserves to be a Best Picture nominee, but unfortunately I doubt that’ll happen since animated features have their own Best Picture category. But if there were any animated film that had a shot to get a Best Picture nod since Beauty and the Beast… WALL-E is it.

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