I’m going to have to start “Dead Space” all over again!!!

“Dead Space” is the most challenging and difficult game I’ve ever played. It’s probably the most hardest game to play of the year 2008. That’s the way video games should be, really hard, difficult and challenging.

There are 12 Chapters in the game, and so far, I’m all the way up to Chapter 3 in a mission called “Course Correction”. I’m trying to fight this mini boss, called the brute, which is a giant tentacle that comes up and grabs you, it pulls you down the hallway and you must kill it off to survive. With only 2 line racks of ammo left on the liner gun, it’s impossible to kill this thing so I must of missed something in this level to get more ammo, so I’m going to have to start this game over again today. I’ll just delete the saved game and start all over again.

I don’t mind though ’cause the game is fuckin’ awesome and it’s definitely the best game of the year.


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