BREAKING NEWS: The Official Oscar nominees for 2009 are here!!!

The Oscar nominations for the year of 2009 have been announced.

The Official “Best Picture” nominations:

“Benjamin Button”



“The Reader”

“Slumdog Millionaire”

The only “Dark Knight” nominations were Heath Ledger for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role”, “Visual Effects”, “Sound Mixing/Editing”, “Makeup”, “Film Editing”, and “Art Direction”. “Dark Knight” got robbed of every other category.

I’m glad Mickey Rourke got nominated for “Best Actor” so that means he’ll be competing with Brad Pitt, you’ll never know who’ll win that one.

I’m glad Angelina Jolie was nominated for the “Changeling” ’cause that’s a good performance, I don’t think she’ll win that one, Kate Winslet will probably get the win.

I think “Benjamin Button” will probably sweep everything.

See the entire list of Oscar nominees here:

I’ll talk more about this later.


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