Thought: The 5 Best and Worst “Best Picture” Winners of the Oscars…

Not every Oscar “Best Picture” winner is a great movie, to me it’s just an opinion that the Academy is entitled to. They have gave “Best Picture” winners to some movies I didn’t really care for.

Yeah, I know, another Oscar post, but hey, I love movies, I am a huge movie buff and addicted to them. I watch the Oscars every year and it’s my favorite award show.

In my opinion, these are just my opinions now, these are some “best” and “worst” “Best Picture” winners for the Oscars. I feel that there are some that are pretty undeserving. I’ll name 5 each.

Top 5 favorite “Best Picture” winners, the films that I love:

1. Rocky

(It should be no surprise to you that I would name this first)

2. The West Side Story

(Believe it or not, it’s my favorite musical movie ever, this film is such a masterpiece, I love it to death. I own the DVD set and it’s one film I’ll never get tired of watching)

3. Schindler’s List

(It’s Steven Spielberg’s best film ever made, in my opinion)

4. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

(Another one of my favorite films ever made and another one I’ll never get tired of watching!!! Another masterpiece!)

5. Forrest Gump

(Can’t leave this one off the list, a classic flick that is well deserving of the Oscar history)

Top 5 worst “Best Picture” winner choices, films I think are undeserving:

1. Titanic

(Why? Why? Why? This film is overrated, too long, and we’ve seen enough of these sad stories. I didn’t find the film all that sad, it was all silly and goofy. BOOO at the Academy for giving this the Best Picture win!)

2. American Beauty

(Another film that is a crapfest. I like Kevin Spacey and all but he’s starred in way better films than this piece of shit. I never really cared for this film.)

3. Chicago

(It was entertaining sometimes, but is it really Oscar worthy? Nah.)

4. The Departed

(I shook my head when they gave this movie the win that year, then I saw the movie, and thought, what? What the hell did I just see? The film was okay but nothing all that amazing.)

5. No Country, For Old Men

(It’s a pretty good film, but it’s fucked up ending is what got me thinking why they think this is Oscar worthy, I wasn’t rooting for the Coen Bros. to get the win on this last year, I actually was rooting for “There Will Be Blood” to get the win but it got robbed)

Yep, so there you have it.

“Slumdog Millionaire” has better get the win for BEST PICTURE this year, if any of the other films win it instead, I think I’m done watching the Oscars. I’ll watch the Oscars this year on Feb. 22nd to see what happens. I truly enjoyed “Slumdog” and it really is deserving.


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