Report: Oscars will be unpredictable this year, nominated winners will be played in a different game…

All the nominated celebrities…actors, film crew, attended the Academy award luncheon today in Beverly Hills, California. The president of the Academy Arts and Sciences, revealed that nominations will be played a different way for the winners this year, but he was tight lipped on the details.

Yep, that means the movie fans who are expecting the Golden Globe winners to win at the Oscars too, that may not even happen and the winners could be totally different. If you think “Slumdog Millionaire” will sweep everything or Mickey Rourke will win for “The Wrestler” at the Oscars Feb. 22nd, those things could change too. This is the Academy’s way of keeping things unpredictable.

The Associated Press reports:

While I would love to see “Slumdog Millionaire” sweep everything since I think it’s a wonderful film, I have a feeling it’s not going to happen. Either “Benjamin Button” or “Milk” could be the big winners that night. The Oscars this year will be unpredictable, you’ll never know who’ll be the winners.

Even Angelina and Brad could pick up a win for their roles too.


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