Thought: Brock to quit local music for good?

Actually, I’ll admit that the reason I haven’t been out to support the music scene lately (if there is a scene anyway), or playing my own shows in a long time is that I am actually thinking about giving it up.

I’ll never quit guitar playing, that I’ll always do for the rest of my life. Just not being any part of the local music scene. Sorry, but I have lost a lot of interest in it over the years. Local music is no fun anymore. Boring. Predictable. Too much negativity and hateful people out there. I can go on. They all call themselves “profesionals” and I don’t see profesionals out there at all.

It’s not the music scene on why I’m thinking about giving it up, it’s all about a change in my life. Concentrating on life is more important than music. Making your life better comes first before fun stuff. That’s what I’m mostly concentrating on.

I haven’t played a live gig in almost a year, and that’s a clear sign that I’m thinking about giving it up. Of course, I’ll always still write songs and put ’em online for all to hear, but performing live music around this area isn’t that thrilling as other local bands around here are making it out to be. The internet is a good tool to release your music and get yourself heard, so I’ll just leave it at that.


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