Report: More on the Dana White vs. Loretta Hunt feud…

This is Loretta’s article that Dana is pissed about, read up, it’s an interesting read…

Sherdog responded to Dana’s videoblog attacking Loretta Hunt. Sherdog says they aren’t backing down on their fight with Dana and UFC. Sherdog will continue to expose the UFC to the public how they don’t give managers and agents credentials. They made it pretty clear, doesn’t care how pissed Dana gets, and they will continue to show the world how Dana isn’t a good business man.

See Sherdog’s statement about UFC and Dana White here:

I’ll be keeping an eye on this feud. Will Dana and battle it out in court?

It isn’t slander or libel if Sherdog is right and if they really are accurate.

EDIT TO ADD: Instead of battling it out in court, I think Dana himself and Loretta should fight in the next “UFC” ppv, they should settle things in the ring. Who would win in a real fight with Dana vs. Loretta? My money is on Loretta, I think she can kick Dana’s ass, women are pretty tough!


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