Report: UFC’s Dana White apologizes about his rant to female MMA reporter of his video blog tirade aimed at her…

UFC president, Dana White, lashed out at MMA  reporter Loretta Hunt who is a writer at the MMA News website, in Dana’s personal video blog. Dana responded to Loretta in a very harsh and mean, aggressive tone. Using all kinds of swearing, gay bashing, and even called Loretta a bunch of names, also called her a “bitch”.

Dana claims that he wasn’t doing any gay bashing, he claims he supports gay rights, he was just angry at this woman that wrote things about Dana in an article that weren’t true about him.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance, called out Dana White and begged him to apologize to the homosexuals he offended and to apologize, he apologized to the gays but not to Loretta.

WTF? Dana White apologizing? Now he’s looking like a pussy and a wimp after bravely speaking his mind in a public video blog responding to an article he was pissed at. I’ve said this in a comment in that video, this is the fucking UFC we’re talking here! With this being the UFC, of course UFC guys are going to respond back in this tone! You have to understand that the wrestling and fighting sporting business is never friendly all the time!! That’s the name of the game of this business folks.

If you can’t take the heat of these sports men, then you don’t have balls to take it. If you mess with either Vince McMahon or Dana White in real life behind the scenes, you’ll have to expect these guys to retaliate. There is no way that these guys are going to sit back and smile at some of the things that these so called sports news report about them.

See Dana’s apology statement here:

See Dana White’s rant about Loretta Hunt in the video below.

EDIT: Changed this post about it, just realized that Dana is not apologizing to Loretta at all, he’s apologizing to the gays and lesbians. He hates Loretta’s guts so he probably will never apologize to her, I see an all out media feud with Dana vs. Loretta in Sports news very quick. Could Dana sue Loretta a libel lawsuit for all the false things she wrote about him in an article?


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  1. I have seen him on his good days and bad days. Just like most, you have to catch them at the right time to get the “good guy” and other times you get the other.

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