Report: Robert Rodriguez is doing “Predator” reboot…er, I mean, “Predators”, that is…

Film director Robert Rodriguez has been confirmed to reboot, the Predator series, with the next film being titled, “Predators”. Which means the good guys will be battling a whole army of Predator aliens. Not just one.

They can’t bring Schwarzenegger back as Dutch and Danny Glover can’t return either, which is a bummer, but Rodriguez will probably bring in another big name star.

AICN exclusively breaks the news:

My choices of who should star the lead in the new “Predators”? It shouldn’t be Stallone, I don’t think Stallone would be a good fit honestly.

If anybody, I’m willing to bet that Rodriguez will get either Antonio Banderas or Bruce Willis. Rodriguez usually gets actors that he’s already worked with in the past. Either one of them sounds fine to me.


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