The Swine Flu: A sign that the end of the world is nearing us?

The Swine flu first started in Mexico, now it’s spreading in the US, even in New York State as well. It’s a possibility it could spread all over the world and kill every human being on this planet.

It’s been long rumoured that the end of the world may happen in the year 2012, but I think that may happen a little earlier.

The Swine flu is pretty frightening stuff.


0 thoughts on “The Swine Flu: A sign that the end of the world is nearing us?”

  1. Well I am glad someone has the guts to talk about this!
    The secret is out and President Islam doesn’t care. He’s glad that illegal aliens are ruining this country! Everyone knows that immigration is fantastic & makes the US strong!
    BUT Illegal immigration is chipping away at us every day. They do drunk driving, get in accidents with no insurance or license, cause crime, kidnap, sell drugs, suck off the system, make 47 babies who are just FCs (Future Criminals) and they bring these diseases.
    Now President Islam will have yet another excuse to impose his socialist agenda in the name of “public safety.”
    You hit the tiger on the head of the nail for sure with this one.
    This is the beginning of the end.

    On a good note– I can’t wait for the new Star Trek and I think it is awesome that James Tiberius Kirk hung out with the new ST stars. That was cool of him and shows that Scotty and Sulu & Uhura had no reason to hate him. He is a good kind man who loves horses and who proably did not drown his alcoholic wife so I am totally on James T Kirk’s side. How cool does the new Spock look?!?!?!?!!
    I am buying that movie on DVD from some gangbanger off the street if I can get down to NYC. They always have bootlegs for sale, those people.

    Anyway, close the Mexican border and anyone caught trespassing needs to be shot on sight and the body burned like it was that old movie “The Thing” because these people and their funk replicate like bunny rabbits on viagara. These diseases need to be stopped. Period.

    Keep us up to date.

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