Trying to get the six pack abs of your dreams and you aren’t getting them. Here’s what you could be doing wrong…

This article at yahoo wrote a great article on six pack abs mistakes for both men and women. For those obsesssed with trying to lose weight and getting the six pack of your dreams…here’s a piece of what you could be doing wrong…give this a read:

I don’t do ab workouts every day, only a couple of times a week and you don’t want to do them for hours and hours either.

You think sit ups is a good exercise for a six pack, while it could be true, there are plenty of various exercises for the abs. Like the bicycle crunch and plenty of others.

You don’t need weights and those huge special machines to get abs, all you need is your body or use a workout ball for that. You gotta do research on what are the best exercises for abs are without using weights or machines.


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