Star Trek Celebration: My thoughts on each Star Trek film so far!!!

In celebration of JJ Abrams “Star Trek” finally being released this Friday, I figure I would do a brief review of each 10 “Star Trek” films below with scoring, 1-4 stars from bad to excellent.

I don’t enjoy every “Star Trek” film although I’m a die hard Trekkie, there is one I didn’t like, find out what it is below:

Star Trek – The Motion Picture (Score = **, 2 stars as in “ok”)

This was an ok movie, it had a good storyline, good acting, good special effects, the only thing I didn’t like about it, was it dragged on too slow and too long. The pacing of this film is too slow especially the long ending, where Spock gets in this astrunaut like spacesuit, to try and find something called, V’ger which means Voyager 6, a long lost space probe. It would have been a decent Star Trek movie if this one was a little shorter, but I thought this was an ok film, could use more improvements.

Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan (Score = **** 4 stars as in “Excellent”)

After “Star Trek” debuted to the big screen, the sequel returns with Khan coming back as the villain. A major improvement. This turned into an essential classic and it’s one of Star Trek’s most talked about films ever. Khan is a brutal villain and it has a sad ending with Spock dying and all. This is still my favorite “Star Trek” movie ever made.

Star Trek III – the Search for Spock – (Score = ***, 3 stars as in “good”)

This was a pretty good one. I heard something about that Paramount were going to kill Spock off for good in the “Star Trek” films but due to a public outrage of Star Trek fans being angry at Spock being dead, they had no choice but to bring him back. This movie was directed by Leonard Nimoy himself. In this one, the crew battles Klingons which Christopher Lloyd plays the main Klingon villain in this. This film is nothing amazing, nothing mind blowing, but an entertaining “Star Trek” film. I liked it.

Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home (Score = ****, 4 stars as in “Excellent”)

The movie is set in our present time where the Star Trek crew goes back to save humpback whales in order for them to go back to the 20th Century in their time. I think this is another classic Star Trek film, and another favorite of mine. Lots of memorable scenes in this flick and there’s more comedy and humor in this one as well.

Star Trek V – The Final Frontier (Score = ***, 3 stars as in “good”)

This is the one where Spock finds his half brother. This is said to be one of Star Trek’s most hated films, but I liked it.

Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country (Score = ****, 4 stars as  in “excellent”)

This is the one where Captain Kirk vows revenge on the Klingons who murdered his son from “Star Trek II”. Other than revenge, the Federation goes to war against the Klingons so they can live in peace. A great “Star Trek” film, lots of action and a good storyline. Great acting by William Shatner in this one too. This is the final Star Trek movie with the original cast.

Star Trek “Generations” – (Score = ****, 4 stars as in “excellent”)

The first Star Trek movie with the “Next Generation” cast. Of course, William Shatner had to return in this one to team up with Captain Picard. Malcolm McDowell also plays the main villain, Dr. Soran. This film has a really good plot, really good action scenes, just a great “Star Trek” film. I remember seeing this movie at least a couple of times in theater.

Star Trek “First Contact” = (Score = ****, 4 stars as in “excellent”)

Another favorite Star Trek movie of mine, where the Federation battles against the Borg. This is where they meet the Borg queen again.

Star Trek “Insurrection” = (Score = *, 1 star as in “poor”)

I would say that this is one of the bad Star Trek films. It didn’t even feel like a Star Trek movie, instead it felt like a two hour Star Trek TV episode.

Star Trek “Nemesis” = (Score = ***, 3 stars as in “good”)

This is the final “Star Trek” movie with the Next Generation cast. Good film, but could use improvements. Many people didn’t like it, but I thought this was a pretty good one. Praetor Shinzon was a great villain, I thought, but that character only got very little screen time which is dissapointing. We could do without the Commander Riker and Deanna Troi romance in this flick, but the rest of it’s fine. Other than that, this movie has good action, it was entertaining.

I’m looking forward to seeing JJ’s “Star Trek” this weekend and will review that one too. Hopefully I’ll like it.


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