Report: Will Smith keeping, “The Karate Kid” title…

Will Smith announced that he is not chaning the new “Karate Kid” remake, to the “Kung Fu Kid”, he’s strictly going to keep it as, “The Karate Kid”.

MTV Movies Blog reports:

I’m sure Ralph will be pretty pissed about this. I expect a response from him soon about his thoughts on keeping the title for the remake.


One thought on “Report: Will Smith keeping, “The Karate Kid” title…”

  1. He should change it to The Extra Foot Bone Kid!
    They are the better ayyythlete like Jimmy The Greek said but them Chineese people are better at that karate fighting. Although, neither of them eat too good.
    Randy Couture isn’t eating fish & rice & Popeye’s and grape juice. That is not eating clean like a WARRIOR.

    Say it ain’t so, Will! Mr.Miyagi is rolling in his sushi-encased grave.

    “The Extra Foot Bone Kid” has a kinda nice ring to it.


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