Report: Jason Statham to star in “The Mechanic”, a Charles Bronson action movie remake…

Jason Statham is set to star in the leading role in the Charles Bronson remake of the action movie, “The Mechanic”. Simon West will direct the pic, and Irwin Winkler/Robert Chartoff will be producing. Irwin Winkler/Robert Chartoff are the makers of the “Rocky” series with Sylvester Stallone. Sylvester was long rumoured to star in the Bronson remake of, “The Mechanic”, Sly talked about it in interviews before but looked like he turned it down. How much do you want to bet Sly reccomended Jason Statham to them? Probably. Simon West will direct, “The Mechanic” remake.

Variety Reports:

Here’s hoping Sly is still going to do “Death Wish” remake he’s been talking about for years?


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