Thought: Brock thinks Denzel Washington must get the role of Martin Luther King Jr…

Spielberg’s “Dreamworks” picks up the rights for the Martin Luther King Jr. biopic.

I think MLK JR. should be played by no one other than the great Denzel Washington. With the fantastic acting chops that Denzel has, he could nail the MLK JR. role easily with no problem.

If they get Will Smith or Eddie Murphy, I’m not going to be interested. They need Denzel for this role.

As for who to direct this movie? It probably won’t be Spielberg, but I’m thinking they’ll probably get Spike Lee for this knowing how he did the work for “Malcolm X” which also starred Denzel. How cool would that be? Denzel and Spike Lee re-teaming for “MLK JR” biopic? I’d say bring it on!

Variety Reports:


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