Brock has found a new passion and that is “fitness”…

Some people would think that exercising may be real boring, tiring, and it maybe painful, but if you stick with it, you would find fitness and bodybuilding, so much fun and addicting. I’ve been loving this now more than ever before. I do this every single day, non stop. I try to work out every body part as much as possible…both the lower body and upper body.

Soon, I plan on getting a membership at the Fitness Center in Greenwich, so I can start working out there two or three times a week after I get out of work.

If you keep at this, you’ll notice a change and a difference in your body, immediately.

Of course, Sly Stallone is my main inspiration for this ’cause this is part of the reason I’m such a big fan of his, not just his movie career. I’m also a big fan of how he does his exercise and bodybuilding too. He proves that you’re never too old to do this and that you can do this whenever you want, you don’t have to start when you’re at a young age, you can start bodybuilding any time.

I know a lot of people out there dream of getting the tough guy muscular look. Stop dreaming about it, and make it happen. You can only live once and if you want something good in your life, to impress people, pursue your muscle dreams NOW!!!!

Being committed to this will be worth it. All them WWE stars, UFC or boxing or action movie stars, they didn’t get that body over night. Yes, a lot of them used steroids and HGH, but it is possible to get a fit body without the drugs, you just gotta work real hard.


One thought on “Brock has found a new passion and that is “fitness”…”

  1. That is inspiring, K’Brocking Entertainment.
    I always wish I had big bulging muscles like them fighters and cool actors. I cant get myself to do it, though.
    Every time I try to do a press-up (I grew up in England when my tough bastard old man was stationed there- they call “push ups” “press ups” over there) my arms shake and I have a curved back tht looks like a horse Oprah sat on. Ya need a strong CORE to keep that straight back.
    So I tried some sit ups (thankfully, they call them “sit ups” in England, too) but after 3 I had somewhat of an accident because I was straining too much.

    So what is the best exercize if I have a concave chest and am a bit of a skinny little ginger (I have red hair all over and usually gingers are really weak and feminine)?
    I was thinking of buying like 10 cases of Gatorade and going on a “fast” where that’s all I eat/drink. Nothing but Gatorade for at least a week so I get rid of the “toxins” and fill my muscles with vitamins and “electrolides” and all that healthy stuff from Gatorade.
    Wish I could afford HGH or steroids like the wrasslers can.
    I have pictures of muscle men all ovewr my room still to this day for inspiration!
    Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Sly Stallone (from Rocky IV when he got really ripped!), The Iron Sheik, Martina Navitrolva, Boom Boom Mancini, Christian Slater, Chyna Lauer, Anderson Cooper, Rory Singer, Judy Garland, Houston Bernard, Jean Claude Van Damme, Nathan Lane (when he was younger of course), Mikey Craig, Felipe Rose, Andrew Ridgeley, Holly Johnson…
    I figure if you surround yourself with inspiring people you admire it will kinda “sink in” after a while.
    Good post, K’Brocking Entertainment!
    I’ll add “reading K’Brocking Entertainment exercize blogs” to my inspiration to try to stop watching the Oxygen Network all day long and start doing curls for them muscles!


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