Brock will soon change dieting habits in the near future…

I’ve been plotting out a dieting plan for the workout. I’ve been eating more spinach, vegetables, fish and healthy foods that bodybuilders would eat, but once I find the perfect diet for me, I will stop eating junky and fattening foods. What most bodybuilders usually do is that they eat nothing but healthy stuff all week, and then they just eat all the junk food they want on the weekends.

I know that’s what Sly does. I know all bodybuilders don’t want to eat healthy food their entire life, once in a while, they want to be like a kid and eat junk food like everyone else. I know this helps keep the muscles grow better and it keeps their abs too. Drinking nothing but water, and staying away from soda and other beverages for drinks. Stop eating your calories, and eat more high proteins/low carb stuff is what I’ve been looking after, doing more often.

How badily do I want this fit body? Yeah, really badily. I’m doing the best I can and working my ass off. I know some will think I’m delusional and living in a fantasy world here, but I’m about to prove people wrong. Doing this makes me feel proud and much happier. I am beggining to love this more than being a musician and songwriter.

I don’t have much workout equipment at home. Maybe a few dumbells, a workout ball, and that’s about it. I mostly do exercises that don’t require equipment. I plan on buying a bench press this summer and looking into it. Of course, will go to that Fitness Gym in Greenwich, hopefully tomorrow morning if it’s open on Memorial Day.

I’ve been doing fitness for a long time actually, I just haven’t been public about it until now. Yes, I will videotape myself  a videoblog working out at my local gym when I start going there, that way I can prove that this is really happening.


3 thoughts on “Brock will soon change dieting habits in the near future…”

  1. I think what you are telling your readers is you are eating “clean”. Bodybuilders and UFC dudes know all about this (except Rampage Jackson). Chuck Liddell would have a “cheat” day a few days before his fights and down 5 Big Macs and 4 Smirnoff Ice’s. The next day before weigh in that night, he’d put warm water and mild soap in a cow syringe and administer an enema to clean himself out. He said “nothing centers me more before a fight. I now know I’m prepared mentally and physically.”


  2. That’s cool, man.
    I’ll try those tips. Sounds like you are getting more energetic and stronger all the time from this already! Maybe some day you can be a personal trainer and since you can write you can write books for healthy living tips.
    I wish I looked like Hugh Jackman and Georges St.Pierre and Alex Briley. They must work out like crazy!

    Looking forward to the video blog.


    p.s. That Randy Poffo is right about Rampage Jackson. He don’t eat so good but it’s not really his fault. Like my hard-assed old man (the full bird colonel in the ARMY) used to say, “Those people don’t eat so good.”

    1. both cincinnatibowtie and randypoffo are the same person. Anonymous names just coming here to ramble on with a bunch of stupid shit. Find something better to do, really.


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