RANT: Brock calls “Days of Our Lives” the next soap to be cancelled…

Since “Guiding Light” is the first soap opera to get the boot off the air, I call “Days of Our Lives” to be next. I haven’t been watching the show for the last couple of months. I’m no longer a fan.

Why? Simply because they’ve been getting rid of my favorite characters like Steve “Patch” Johnson, and John Black. The show fired the actors that played those two characters. The show hasn’t been the same without them. These days the show is turning into a Jerry Springer/WWE fest than anything, it’s pathetic. The show is a complete trainwreck right now. “DOOL” is overdoing the pregnancy storylines, like who fathered this baby and who does this baby belong to and all that. It’s also becoming more like “General Hospital”.

This show is no longer a Dimera crime mobster show like it once was in the past. Take this show, mix it with daytime talkshows and “Passions” all together, “DOOL” is the worst show on TV right now. Bad writing, bad acting. “DOOL” was great in the past but the show has gone downhill.

I hope this show is the next to get the boot off the air.


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