Nice site for bodybuilding…

Check out this site, this site has everything you need to know about getting the body of your dreams:

Some may think it’s okay and good to work out and lift weights every single day, but the truth is, it isn’t. It’s okay to do exercises everyday that has nothing to do with lifting weights (like pushups or whatever), but lifting weights is not really good to do everyday. I learned that you need a few days off of weight lifting to give your muscles time to rest and grow.

I also learned that you don’t want to lift as many weights as you possibly can until you get dead tired that you can’t do it anymore, which is what I don’t do. Most bodybuilders do at least 3 sets of 8-15 reps each in weight lifting, with a few minutes of rest between each set. You would want to weight lift in the gym at least 3 times a week, not everyday.

I don’t plan to go to my local gym every day, only like a couple of times a week. You don’t want to do overdo yourself. After weightlifting, you would want to do cardiovascular workouts for a long while, like treadmills or the steps or the bike to lose the fat to help turn to muscle.

I was just there at my local Fitness Gym this morning, worked out there for an hour or so before they closed at noon today. They close early on Saturdays.

I am a begginer at this Fitness thing and am learning. Like I said, I am not interested in becoming no Mr. Olympian strong man like Arnold or Lou Ferrigno, but I would at least want to get big enough to get in shape and feel stronger. Basically just to look good with my shirt off like everyone else. I’m not looking to take a career in it or anything, just to simply get that fit look. This is definitely a chick magnet and could hook up with the ladies a little more easier.

I plan to go back to the gym on Monday after work. I’ll show myself working out there on video soon, I just need somebody that is willing to carry the camera around, I’ll find someone to do that.


2 thoughts on “Nice site for bodybuilding…”

  1. Kev, that’s great news! Bodybuilding isn’t for
    everybody, but if you start – and stick to – a
    vigorous workout routine, you will succeed.

    I’ve dabbled in weightlifting before, but I
    suppose I’ve let that kind of fall by the wayside.

    Get and keep yourself motivated. You’re not
    always gonna want to work out, but you owe it to
    yourself to push yourself!

    1. Thanks bro, I am committed to this, I take this with a lot of pride and I am dying to get buffed up!

      I want to thank Sylvester Stallone, THE MAN, for inspiring me for getting into this. He’s the main reason I want into this Fitness thing. After looking at how he does body building, I always think to myself, “Gee, I wonder what I would look like with a body like that”. So here I am, trying to get after it!

      Everytime I go to my local gym, I’m very surprised how popular it is in Greenwich. The place always seems busy with a lot of people working out there. That gym is great for the Greenwich community. People from all ages work out there. I’ve been seeing guys that are like 50 or 60 or over lifting heavy weights and exercising up a storm.

      You’re never too old to get buffed and muscular no matter how old you are!!! Sly just proved that! 🙂


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