Report: Ivan Reitman says he is down with doing “Ghostbusters 3” if the final script is worth doing…

MTV News spoke with “Ghostbusters” director, Ivan Reitman about possibly directing the third film. He says he is interested in returning as director for “G3” but only if he feels that the story is worth doing it. He is a very important director for the series since he did the first two, so he says he wouldn’t walk away from the third one at all.

Bill Murray came up with the idea of making females as Ghostbusters, Dan Aykroyd liked the idea and threw a couple of actresses in that he would like to see in it. Ivan Reitman replied to Bill and Dan’s idea, saying that he doesn’t know if the “Office” writers will go for the female Ghostbuster idea in the final script or not.

MTV Movies Blog reports:

I’m sure “The Office” writers will make a final script to make Ivan happy enough to go back on board directing. I hope they do go for the female Ghostbuster idea as well. Being a Ghostbuster doesn’t always have to be a man’s job, right? Women can be quicker and smarter when hunting down the ghosts, so I can see why they want a female Ghostbuster.

Lets hope they make the 3rd one, similar to the first one. If they make it more like “Ghostbusters 2”, then I won’t be interested in it.


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