Report: Neve Campbell and Wes Craven sign on to “Scream 4″…the gang is back!!!

The original cast and crew who made the first three “Scream” movies are back. Courtney Cox and David Arquette first signed on pretty early. Reports from the past weren’t sure if Neve Campbell, the leading star was going to sign on or not, now she makes the deal to star the lead once again. Best of all, Wes Craven the man who directed the first three films, is back for the fourth as well to be on the director’s chair once again.

See this report at Variety with a bunch of other movie news from the Weinstein Co.:

While I’m glad the original cast and crew is back for the fourth “Scream”, I’ll go see it as long as the plot is good enough for me to go out and see it.

Neve Campbell was in her teens when she did the first three “Scream” movies. Since they haven’t done  a new one in a long time, Neve is now older, she’s into her thirties now.

The plot to “Scream 4” hasn’t been revealed yet, but my guess is that Sidney Prescott (Neve’s character) is now married and has a family, and they’re being attacked by the Scream killer with David Arquette’s character, Deputy Riley as a cop helping the family out. The Scream killer was already revealed at the end of Scream 3, it was a woman I think. It’ll be interesting to see what the plot is going to be for Scream 4, but this is my guess, it’s not official.


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