“Muscle and Fitness” magazine, the December issue…

I received “Muscle and Fitness” magazine in the mail after subscribing it, and in the December Issue, it is mostly a “Supplement Issue”. It’s like a complete guide to supplements.

Scooby’s Workshop claims “Supplements” aren’t good for muscle building. Read this month’s “M&F” and you would see why that guy is so wrong. The magazine explains everything in detail on how supplements are very healthy and how they really work your body.

The most popular supplements I’ve heard of so far, is Whey Protein and Creatine. I’ve been using Whey Protein but haven’t been trying any other supplements yet, but after having reading this issue makes me want to try some of the other ones reccomended in this magazine. I think I will try creatine.


2 thoughts on ““Muscle and Fitness” magazine, the December issue…”

  1. I hope your lifting & general health-efforts have been successful.

    Creatine has many benefits (although you may find yourself in the john quite a bit at first!) as does whey protein. Other protein powders & “weight-gainers” are good, too.

    Ya never get more unsolicited advice than when you go to the gym! Everyone wants to correct your form and give their advice! …so I won’t say that i have all the answers (because no one does!).

    I would just say to do what you’re already doing (using your own common sense) and not buy into all the glitzy ads etc

    After doing this for a while you’ll know your body. You’ll also maybe see that these magazines are published by the supplement companies.
    The routines are not what the famous people used to get fit & ripped & strong, either. I think they are good inspiration and give some ideas you can mix all together to use your own brain & common sense.
    The magazines & most of the potions, mixtures, powders & supplements are rip-offs.

    Eating right, low/no booze or fast food and a nice, daily multi vitamin will give you all you need. Maybe an occasional fish oil pill or creatine drink when you’re training very intensely would be fine.
    With all the money you save on the supplement industry’s gimmicks, you can pay for a nice weight set or a membership at a good gym until you have the room for the weights you’ll need to do it from home. Or maybe join a reputable martial arts school –but I am biased about that one!

    I wish you the best. Train hard & smart!

    1. I agree with that post, dude. Good advice. Everyone has their own way of teaching people things and everyone has their own way of giving advice.

      For example, other trainers claim that you use light weights to gain muscle to do high reps and not lifting heavy weights, people claim heavy weights only give you strength, but this month’s “M&F” magazine disagrees. There’s an article in there of the mistakes people make in the gym. “M&F” magazine says doing light weights and high fast reps won’t gain you muscle, but instead heavy weight and low reps does. It’s in this month’s issue.

      I create an exercise and weight lifting program which is best for myself, something safe and easy so I won’t get injured. I only work out three days a week in the gym. I usually spend only an hour or a little over in the gym is all I need.

      That’s good nutrition advice too. My early new year’s resolution is for me to create a very strict nutrition plan. I’ve been working on it all year long and still learning. It’s still okay to eat junk food once in a while though, ’cause all bodybuilders want to have fun which is called a “cheat”, I hear them say.

      I’ve cut back on fast food and soda, so it’s all good. I’m still doing research on nutrition. It is kind of hard finding high protein stuff at the store, other things besides eating fish and eggs all the time.

      Thanks for writing in.


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