BREAKING NEWS: Summit Entertainment will release Roman Polanski’s new film “Ghost Writer”…

I can’t fucking believe this. Why Summit, why? Are you guys fuckin’ stupid?  Summit Entertainment, the studios responsible to releasing the “Twilight Saga” films announced they will be releasing Roman Polanski’s new film “Ghost Writer” here in the U.S.

I expect a negative backlash from the public at Summit Entertainment. The “Twilight” series are aimed at kids. Well Mr. Polanski molested a kid years back. This will give Summit Entertainment a bad name and this will make “Twilight” fans very uncomfortable.

This Polanski case maybe controversial, yes, he’s all over the news. That doesn’t mean his next movie will be a hit in the U.S. I don’t care how good “Ghost Writer” is, I hope it bombs terribly. It would be a mistake if people went out and support this film. I will not support any of Polanski’s future works, as everyone else should do the same.

In fact, Polanski should not be making movies anymore. This film should go direct to DVD/TV, not on the big screen.

Because of this move, I don’t know if I will see the rest of the Twilight movies in theater. Summit Entertainment supports pedophiles.

Variety Reports:


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