“Welcome to the Rileys” surprisingly getting strong reviews online…

The independent film which stars Kristen Stewart and James Gandolfini, “Welcome to the Rileys” is getting great reviews online. I don’t like Kristen Stewart that much like a lot of people…but critics are reviewing this film giving it positive reviews. Saying that this is Kristen’s best acting. Better than her acting in the “Twilight” series. Kristen plays a 16 year old stripper/prostitute in the film while she has an aggressive father who has her under his control. The reason I want to see this is not because Kristen may have a few nudie scenes in it, I wanna see it ’cause it looks interesting. The story sounds interesting, plus James Gandolfini rules. Since this is an indie film, you wouldn’t be able to see this unless you attended Sundance festival. So I’ll have to wait to see this film when it hits DVD.



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