Report: Ozzy admits to liking Lady Gaga in his autobiography…

In Ozzy’s book, “I Am Ozzy”, the Black Sabbath man actually admits to liking Lady Gaga’s music while discussing today’s music industry in a chapter. He knows that most of today’s music is fake and manufactured, but he actually finds a lot of talent in Lady Gaga.

More on it here:

I agree with the Ozzman. Today’s pop music maybe fake and manufactured, all of it, but once in a while someone with real talent will actually come around. I think Lady Gaga is pretty amazing and suddenly became a huge fan of hers. Her songs has a rock n’ roll vibe to them in so many ways.

If Lady Gaga ever came around Albany to play the Times Union Center, you can definitely count me there. I hope she’ll play for us Albany peeps at some point. I don’t think she has yet. She fucking rules. Ten times better than Madonna and Britney Spears, for sure.


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