Report: Warner Bros. studios responds back to Simon Monjack’s lawsuit threats…

Just a while back, Brittany Murphy’s husband blamed Warner Bros. studios for the death of Brittany Murphy. Accused the studios of making her upset for not being a part of “Happy Feet 2” animated film. Simon plans to sue Warner Bros. for wrongful death.

Well guess what, it didn’t take long for Warner Bros. to hear about Simon’s lawsuit threat and they responded back to him immediately.

WB’s said Simon’s claim is false and defamatory. WB’s also said she never entered to audition for “Happy Feet 2” and there was no contract to cancel.

More on it here:

Simon’s lawsuit will get himself no where fast. If I were him, he should back off immediately or he’ll lose everything he got. WB’s would probably counter-sue if he does file the suit. Don’t mess with Hollywood or you’ll get a good kick in the ass, hard.


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