RIP: Doug Fieger 1952 – 2010

If you want some sad news for Valentine’s Day, here it is. Doug Fieger, guitarist and leading frontman of the ’80’s hit new wave band, The Knack, died of cancer in Woodland Hills, California after battling both brain and lung cancer for quite a long time.

This is pretty devastating news for me, ’cause as a lover of rock n’ roll music, I grew up listening to the Knack. Their record “Get the Knack” was really amazing stuff and I remember playing the hell out of that vinyl when I was a kid, used to play it all the time and still love it. I always thought the Knack were true rock n’ roll legends that had something going in the 80’s.

Also, remember The Knack is responsible for making “Weird” Al Yankovic famous. “My Sharona” was Al Yankovic’s first parody which was re-written for “My Bologna” for the Dr. Demento show. Al Yankovic’s “My Bologna” took the world by storm which made Al become the King of Parodies since then. I’m sure Al Yankovic is devastated by this news too.

RIP Doug, you maybe gone but your amazing music will still go on.


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