Report: Fantasia afraid of threatening fan mail…

If you put yourself out as a public figure on the web or make yourself a celebrity in the entertainment business, you will get a mixture of love and hate by fans. That’s the way things are these days. I think Fantasia doesn’t have the thick skin enough to deal with this one. If you want to make yourself a public figure, you got to have a thick skin to deal with hate by the public. Ignoring it and not giving a shit what people think about you is the best way to go profesionally. Being defensive over things such as this goes to show how selfish and shady she really is, it shows that she thinks that she is important to herself.

As a musician, I received quite a bit of online hate myself. I learned over the years to not respond to it and not defend yourself. Just simply shrug it all off and be way above the haters. That’s the best thing to do if you want to play music and get your stuff out there.

I don’t think anything dangerous and nothing will harm, Fantasia over that threatening hate mail. Haters call musicians they don’t like, to go “die” all the time. Just don’t take it seriously like Fantasia did. I don’t see the guy that wrote that letter to her being a creep that is obsessed with celebrities, he’s just a guy that does what all the other haters online do, write negative things to famous musicians. I’m not defending him, but he do no wrong. This is part of the game with the music business and Fantasia still has a lot to learn.


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