Tripsonic returns but I think they still need a better singer…

Well, the Albany’s local original rock band, Tripsonic is back (again, I lost count how many times they split and returned) officially. I was anticipating for the return of Tripsonic ’cause they are a band that I liked. While I’m glad that the band is back, only thing I’m dissapointed in is that new singer. In my opinion, she’s not good. She’s singing way out of key. Sounds very amatuerish. She doesn’t fit. If Tripsonic wants to return with a BANG, I’d suggest getting someone else that can sing. I just hope this is not just a “practice” that it was just an audition. Nothing wrong with the band playing the music though. The band plays their instruments wonderfully and they are pretty tight playing in a band. My only problem is that chick singer. Come on dudes, I would go out and support Tripsonic if they can get someone else with the great vocal chops that actually fits the band. This is not a good performance, I don’t care if it’s practice or not.


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