Report: Black Sabbath trademark war gets the greenlight to the court room…

In May of 2009, Ozzy Osbourne filed lawsuit against guitarist Tony Iommi, both men who were members of the legendary metal band, Black Sabbath. Tony Iommi is currently full owner of the Black Sabbath band name, 100%. Ozzy is upset because he feels that all 4 members of the band (also includes Geezer Butler and Bill Ward) deserves part ownership of the name, “Black Sabbath”. The judge gives this lawsuit the “ok”, that means the war is on. This battle will go to the court room.

Things already gotten heated in the court room today as it sounds like Tony Iommi is not very happy with Ozzy ’cause Iommi’s lawyer is fighting back. Both Ozzy and Tony themselves weren’t in court today, their lawyers were. When the lawsuit proceeds to battle, maybe Tony and Ozzy will be in court personally?

Tony may own the band name, yes, but Ozzy helped him create the name. See how Ozzy would be upset? Ozzy wrote the song “Black Sabbath” for their debut album, they got the name from a horror film that starred Boris Karloff with the same title. So that’s proof that Ozzy came up with the name himself and the rest of the guys agreed to use it. Also, please try to understand that the four guys in Black Sabbath created a huge legacy over the years, that’s another reason that Ozzy feels every member deserves share of the name.

I’m totally siding with Ozzy. He’s so right. This is going to be quite the interesting war and I’ll be keeping an eye on it. I hope Ozzy wins. I’m sure he will.


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