Report: Ivan Reitman is still on for “Ghostbusters 3″…

This is why people shouldn’t believe everything they read online. Huge rumours spread the web that Ivan Reitman pulled out of “Ghostbusters 3” to do a romantic comedy film titled, “Friends with Benefits” instead. Well, Sony says that rumour is bullshit and Ivan Reitman is committed with “Ghostbusters 3” still.

More on it here:

That’s good. I can’t see no one directing “Ghostbusters” but Ivan Reitman. Ivan’s their only guy that can do these films, right. Even Harold Ramis and Jason Reitman can’t even touch Ivan’s style. It’s great news that Ghostbusters 3 is still happening and lets hope for a 2011 release date.


Edit to add: btw, “Ghostbusters 3” could do extremely well in the box office if made right, it could be just as big as “Avatar” and “The Dark Knight”, sure. I’m sure Ivan Reitman will be experimenting with the new CGI and 3D technology, most definitely.

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