About Pro Tools MIDI…

In order for me to use MIDI with Pro Tools, what I would need is a MIDI I/O driver for my computer, a MIDI mixer, and a MIDI Keyboard. All that stuff would cost a lot of cash, so I wouldn’t be able to afford all that stuff for now. I’ll get that stuff somewhere down the road, but not right away. So for now, I’ll just get some other MIDI software that doesn’t need to require all that equipment.

There’s plenty of other MIDI software out there that I can mix MIDI and Audio tracks with. Midi software like “Band in a Box”, “Garageband”, etc. All that stuff. You don’t really need to use Pro Tools for MIDI if you’re not good with that stuff like me. Just use Pro Tools for recording audio your voice and guitar.

I plan on buying MIDI software soon, I just need to find a good one. ProTools is complicated stuff with MIDI.


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