Magix Music Maker…

For MIDI software, I think I’m sold to “Magix Music Maker”. This is what I’ll probably get. This is one software that you don’t need all that expensive MIDI equipment with. You just install and create music with the tip of your fingers on your PC keyboard. If you know how the notes and chords sounds you can create music, in any style and genre easily. This software is cheap, $50.00. I’ve been looking at this software for a while anyways. This is probably the only MIDI software you can create music that almost sounds close to the real thing. I’ve been listening to track examples online and this might be decent MIDI software. I plan to order this software soon, maybe later this Spring when I get the extra cash for it.

I want to put band backup behind my songs. Plus, making MIDI music will be fantastic practice for soloing lead improvisations. That’s another reason why I want MIDI software for improv practice.


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