Report: Lady Gaga claims she’s celibate, but I’m not buying it…

Do you think a crazy woman like Lady Gaga loves to party hard and have lots of sex? Think again. She revealed to the public that she’s not that type of woman at all. She reveals that she doesn’t have sex at all and prefers to stay single for most of her life.

More on it here:

While she does bring up a lot of valid points, somehow I think she’s lying about not having sex and wanting to stay single. I do agree with her on most things though. Is that you don’t need to be in a rush to get married, have sex and have kids. It is not a pathetic way of living to stay single for most of your life. If that’s how you want to live your life by choice, that’s fine, go for it. Live your life how you want to. There is more to life than just sex ’cause there is too many people obsessed with sex these days.

I’m still single by choice. I can go out and get myself a nice lady anytime, but I’m happy the way I am.

Playing guitar and working out is pretty much all I want to do. A relationship will take all that time away from ya. If people call you pathetic for living that way, who cares what other people think. Live life and be happy.

Kids are in such a rush to get married, get laid and have kids these days. That’s not where I want to be. All this soap opera and drama in relationships gives me a big headache anyways,  it would be a nightmare for me. I’ll settle down in a relationship with a woman when the time is right and whenever the right person comes along.


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