Ok, why not? Is this enough proof that I’m bodybuilder or not??

Check out those arms, and shoulders. I can use plenty of more work on the chest pecs but trying the best I can. I can never tell if I look good or not so I let other people do the judging. At least this pic will silence the nay sayers who think I’m making this stuff up, here is evidence that this bodybuilding thing is real. Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Ok, why not? Is this enough proof that I’m bodybuilder or not??”

  1. There will be more pics coming. Maybe I’ll start posting my progress like once every month? Photos are important with bodybuilders. I decided to post a shirtless pic right away because it’s not a progress pic when you have a shirt on.


    1. Thanks, not bad for someone who’s been doing this for about a year and keeping a strict diet. All this really pays off.


      1. Well this is really amazing. Was a little embarrassed posting this pic at first, thinking I was gonna get negative replies or get no responses at all, but so far I’ve got nothing but positive feedback on my physique. People in facebook are giving me great feedback as well. Looks like I’m gonna have to post more pics soon of me doing different bodybuilding poses. I’ve been reading Arnold’s bodybuilding book on how to do poses. Hope to post pics soon since this one is a success.

        Maybe it’ll be much easier for me to get a nice girlfriend now. Most women want fit men these days.


  2. You look like a young Sly Stallone’s body with your head on it. GOOD JOB!!


    1. Thanks, that’s the look I want to go for in the future. The Sly Stallone-Rambo inspired body. I’ll do it, believe me! When I get there, I plan to get the photos out to Sly himself, hoping to impress him too!


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