Summer is just about here…to be summer ready…

I am feeling so fit that I just felt the need to do some summer clothes shopping. In the past, I always wore t-shirts in the summer. Now I’m probably going to start wearing wifebeater shirts and sleeveless shirts all summer long. Maybe I’ll even be shirtless more often outside this summer, not just being shirtless when swimming, I’m talking about being shirtless out in the public in town when jogging or whatever. Summer’s a great time for fitness people and it’s about time that it’s here.

I plan to start learning new workouts soon ’cause I don’t want to be doing the same ones. I’m always looking online and stuff for new workouts to do. Don’t want your body and muscles to be bored doing the same ones. One way to help get muscle gains is varying your workouts each week which is what I do. I would like to try the deadlift sometime and I’ll have someone teach me how to do it at the gym this summer. If I’m going to do more barbell stuff, I’m going need a spotter (someone to watch me). I can do dumb bell stuff with no spotter ’cause those are easy. I plan to change my program around a little bit this summer. Maybe do more barbells and learn some kettle bell stuff which is I don’t know how to do yet. I just want to try different things.

I hope to do more swimming this year ’cause swimming is a fantastic cardio and fat burning exercise. I was reccomended to take ‘Omega 3 – Fish Oil” supplement pills, that’s really cool stuff. It’s tasteless, but it’s very good for muscle gains and fat burning. It helps make you healthier inside and helps avoid depression as well. “Fish Oil” also helps prevent cancer too. So it’s one of the good supplements to take. I’d reccomend that stuff to you as well.


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