Back posing…

A little back posing. To explain the scar, yes, I had back surgery, but the surgery was years ago when I was a young teenager. Just showing off the back in a photo. It’ll take years ahead of me to get that Rambo look I want with the back, but I like what I see so far.


4 thoughts on “Back posing…”

    1. Scoliosis, they put a harrington rod in me. I couldn’t do physical things and no heavy lifting back in those days…but now I’m all good and cool to do whatever I want. Hasn’t caused me anything. No injuries, no damage, no nothing. Not yet, anyways, but I’m being safe and being very careful.


  1. Glad that’s not holding you back! haha get it!?
    Looks like you’re trsining serious and eating good. Cool man.

    Do you get a hard time at an airport when you go on a vacation? They pull me aside and take my belt & my keys and my shoes every time and ask me all kinds of questions. If I set off the buzzers with just that stuff I bet they call the FBI when you go through because of that metal that you can’t even take out and put in the little tray for the conveyor belt.

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