Trying to write new songs…

Yep, I’ve been experimenting with new song ideas. Starting to write down lyrics again. I believe inspiration is finally coming. Hopefully I’ll have another batch of new songs in the future. My songs will probably stay dark and angry like most of them are, but I think my next batch of songs will stay away from the horror and crime fiction stuff. I’m going to follow the footsteps of Neil Young, Springsteen and Tom Morello, go political. Talk about current events, the things going on in the news. I figure it’s time to write songs about real stuff here. I don’t write songs about love or write songs about women, that stuff is too boring for me.

Making music is what I do. People can trash my talent. People can love it. Either way, makes me feel proud. I need to get back to making songs again. Would like to start performing live again too. When I get a few new songs written, I might start hitting some open mics. Maybe I’ll book a few actual gigs sometime down the road too. Honestly, I miss playing out and being part of the music scene. Pretty soon I hope to no longer sit around and get back out there. I know, I haven’t had a gig in a long while.


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