Report: The popular Facebook game, Mafia Wars, is heading to the big screen!!!

The popular facebook game, Mafia Wars, is rumoured to hit the big screen in the future.

More on it here:

First, the entire Facebook site gets their own movie, “The Social Network” directed by David Fincher (youtube the trailer for that film) and now this?

Some of you may find this a bit of a surprise, but I don’t go to Facebook to play any of their games at all. I don’t play Mafia Wars, Farmville, Vampire games, Fantasy stuff, poker, etc. I go to Facebook to keep in touch with family, friends, fans/supporters, and musicians. Not to play games.

If I wanted my video gaming entertainment, I have the ps3 for that.

As for my thoughts on a Mafia Wars movie, I’m all for it as long as the story is good and the casting is good.


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