Why does getting in shape always have to be summer ready? Stay fit all year round!

A lot of people I’ve noticed, don’t workout during the fall and Winter seasons, then they start working out in the Spring to be summer ready. They only workout on and off, only workout in the Spring/Summer so they can look better half naked at the beach. I’ve said it before, not with me. You should really look fit and muscular all year round. Keep going non stop.The reason is, you can keep your muscle. You’re gonna lose your ripped physique if you stop for a long while. You should still be able to have that hot body during the fall/Winter too and still look great.

All I’ve been wearing in the summer, is mostly wife beaters and sleeveless sports shirts now and feels great for wearing that stuff out in public a lot more often. I’ve had people comment on my physique just by wearing that. So yeah, keep working out in fitness for a whole year, and keep going. Just because it gets cold and rainy during the fall/Winter doesn’t mean you have to stop working out. Nothing’s stopping ya no matter the weather. You can always workout indoors.

It don’t always have to be in the summer. I’m gonna keep right on going.


Edit to add: btw, my abs could look a little better as well. I need to work on the obliques and the lower abs more. I learned more workouts for those. I learned that to get a full well rounded six pack or even an 8 pack, you can’t just do basic crunches. Gotta find workouts that can twist, curl and bend your abs. The whole thing. I’m planning to re-work my abs program a little bit.

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