Report: Edward Norton himself, finally speaks out about his feud with Marvel studios…

Edward Norton the man himself, went to his facebook page to write a statement for his fans. He thanks his fans for their support and he admits that he is sad that he will no longer play the Hulk. He says he loves the character and “The Incredible Hulk” film, he was really looking forward to playing on “The Avengers” movie.

Read what Ed has to say here:

Marvel, bunch of ego driven assholes. They don’t care about their cast. All Marvel cares about is money. I don’t think any other actor to take over the Hulk role will be as successful. Ed helped make “The Incredible Hulk” movie get millions in box office.

Fuck MARVEL! Ed’s a great actor, he’ll have better film projects up ahead of him.

Maybe Ed will get on a superhero movie for DC Comics? Could Ed Norton get a role for Chris Nolan’s “Batman” and “Superman” flicks? That be sweet!


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