Thought: Nobody have to be perfect in songwriting…

I’ve been reading, “How to Write Songs on Guitar” instruction book by Ricky Rooksby. In songwriting, the book says that nobody needs to be perfect in songwriting. In the book, it gives you the advice that there are no rules in songwriting. You can write songs however you please. Just write whatever feels good to you. You don’t always have to do the most common structure, “verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus (2x’s)” like most songs are that way, and you don’t even have to make lyrics rhyme if you don’t want to. I’ve read a part in the book where it says that if you feel that your lyrics are bad, then you need to look at most of top 40 songs today, that most of today’s lyrics are horrible. So like I said, music doesn’t need to be in perfection, just write whatever you feel.

I’ve been studying music again to learn theory and improvisation. I want to learn how chords and scales work together so I can play in key without missing a note. Get better at ear training and stuff like that. Learning theory is not that hard to understand, it’s simple to learn. I’m getting the hang of that stuff.

I’ve been listening to my older demo CD I made back in 2006 and listening to those songs, made me realize that I miss performing on the stage.

Oh yeah, I have a facebook fanpage now, feel free to “like” but this page is for true fans who actually do support me and my music. I do have a “fanbase” out there, so I made this page to prove it that I do have a following.  This will be used for my music only. So this is a hint that a Kev Brock comeback to music is about to happen soon.!/pages/Kev-Brock/291092277809?ref=mf

I’m trying to figure out how to get a music player on there with my songs on it.


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